Popular services and newsletters can easily clutter your inbox. TypeApp uniquely solves this by a utilizing smart email clusters which help you focus on your important emails while being able to easily access context and reminders. With TypeApp, you have the ability to act on a full cluster at once while viewing machine generated emails and now more elegantly than ever in our beautiful material design.


Compact and Relevant

Every new email arriving into your inbox will appear in its cluster and will bring the cluster to the top of your mail view – so you are always on top of your opportunities: Groupon’s daily meal, new eBay deals or even your bank’s monthly Bill. Clusters are made to be simple, yet still give you all of the important information you need, such as how many unread emails are in that cluster or if the email has been marked urgent.

Act on a Full Cluster

Clustering’s most powerful trait is helping you act on all emails in one simple action, keeping you focused. You can mute notifications for a cluster, to avoid alerting you on emails you need only for reference, delete all emails for that cluster / sender, or mark them all read. You can also act on all emails using multi-edit in the same way you can for other groups of emails, to maximize your efficiency.

Visual Avatars

By using predefined avatars for major services, you have visually appealing clusters that are easily identified. Clusters are differentiated from normal avatars of your friends or colleagues, giving you immediate insights on those emails.