All your incoming and outgoing emails are intelligently grouped into a conversation, so you have the full exchange of mails for that thread, sorted as you like it, and clearly identifying your sent and received emails with avatars. The subject, total email count and email previews let you get the big picture quickly.

 Conversation Actions

Handling all emails for a given conversation is simple and easy. You can use the menu to delete, archive, or mark a conversation as read. Grouping both Inbox and Sent emails together, makes everything conveniently accessible in one place.

TypeApp Conversarion

To Wrap It Up

Having your inbox compact and informative is critical in letting you manage your emails effectively. Pushing your new emails into existing conversations, keeps your inbox tidy. With the unread count of emails in the conversation and new refreshed replies on the top, it is simple to be aware of new activity in your conversation threads and in control of your inbox.